Best of Vis: Insiders' Tips

In the last ten years we’ve been exploring Komiža and the island and building up our private collection of “Best of Vis” experiences. Here we’d like to share some of our insights that will, hopefully, make your experience of Komiža and the island of Vis special and memorable.

When to come


Warm, but a few degrees colder than the mainland, Komiža is a perfect holiday spot during the summer months. In addition to the sea and sun, you can enjoy a varied cultural program with concerts and open air cinema screenings happening almost every day.


However, if you crave real tranquility, deserted beaches and balmy warm weather, consider coming in May/June or September/ October. The swimming season in Komiža lasts six months, from May to October, and that’s exactly when Komiža, calm, friendly and relaxed, shines in its full splendor. Spring is ideal for hikers who can explore many beautiful trails around the island and pick some wild asparagus too. Even winter has its charm. It’s the season when the scent of ripening oranges and lemons fills the air and you can witness the most spectacular winter sunsets in Komiža. Every year on December 6 a wooden boat is ritually burned as an offering to St. Nicholas, Komiža’s patron saint and protector of seamen, sailors, fishermen and travelers. Days spent in revelries bring Komiža out of hibernation mode.


Top 10 Komiža and Vis Island experiences not to miss (in random order):


  1. Start off the day with a coffee and people watching at one of the bars at Komiža waterfront.
  2. Visit Komiža fresh produce and fish market early in the morning and buy some local products.
  3. Rent a cabrio or a scooter and explore the island’s hinterland for a day. Take the old road and go along the vineyards. Get down to Stiniva Bay; go for a swim in Srebrna beach; climb up Mount Hum and enjoy the best view of Komiža and the islands. When you get hungry stop by for a meal in one of the homey restaurants along the road.
  4. Go for a swim at Stončica and then walk up to the lighthouse. Finish off your day trip with a bite in the beach tavern.
  5. Wander in the streets of Kut, the old part of Vis town and go for dinner at Pojoda Restaurant.
  6. Pick a boat day trip around the island and get to know its most beautiful bays. You can also rent a taxi boat to take you to some of the most secluded beaches.
  7. Visit the island of Biševo for a day. Explore the Blue Cave by boat and go for a swim at Porat and Salbunara, the most beautiful sandy beaches on the island. Inland Biševo is worth checking too.
  8. Indulge in a slow food meal at Senko’s in Mala Travna and go for a refreshing swim in the small bay in front of it.
  9. Try the heavenly sweets from Cukar sweetshop in Komiža.
  10. Visit the open air cinema and enjoy a screening under the starry sky. (Movies in Croatia are not dubbed and shown in original language.)



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