Vis, gourmets' paradise

Many traditional Vis dishes date back to ancient times and are gastronomical heritage of Issa, a small Greek polis. Made of fresh local ingredients and perfect in their simplicity and uniqueness, these traditional dishes are real gastronomical monuments of past times. Vis wines, especially the white Vugava and the red Plavac from the big vineyards on the island, made Vis famous back in the ancient times and during the Renaissance.

Here’re few examples of delicious Vis specialties to tackle every gourmet’s fancy. These simple dishes are a celebration of the rich taste of fish and sea food, fragrant herbs and sweet fruits from the island. Although not labeled as such, slow food here is a part of the traditional lifestyle rather than a hipsters’ whim.


Komiška pogača

Delicious fish pie with pilchard, tomatoes and onions. Makes a perfect midday or midnight snack accompanied by a glass of Plavac red wine from Vis.


Sardines on spit

Since time memorial sardines, an absolute Vis archetype, have been beaded together on wooden spits and grilled over coals, while everywhere else in Dalmatia they’re grilled on gradele, a hot grill grid. Served right on the spit, or salted and hidden in the heart of a hot komiška pogača, the sardine preserves its delicious qualities best.



Fish, octopus, meat or veggies slow cooked in a closed clay pot in a special outdoor oven. Probably THE signature dish of all the homey restaurants in inland Vis.


Pašta fažol na brujet

Ever thought that pasta, plus beans, and fish would make a delicious dish? That’s pašta fažol na brujet for you, a delicious, satisfying stew, slow cooked with white wine, olive oil, rosemary, garlic and spices. Perfect after an exhausting day in the sun.



Sweet and aromatic  pie-shaped concoction made of dried figs, fennel seeds and travarica home brandy. Traditionally the hib is kept in bay and sage leaves until Christmas when it’s served with a glass of travarica.


Cviti (Flowers)

Simple and deliciously crunchy sweets covered in powder sugar. Cukar sweetshop in Komiža has them, as well as many more delicious local traditional sweets such as hruštule and panduleti.



Every respectable household on Vis Island makes their own rogačica, i.e. brandy spiced with Komiža carob. Have one to help your digestion after a hearty meal.


Top 7 Restaurants on Vis Island (our Must Try list)


1. Pojoda Restaurant in Vis town (lobster and monkfish brujet, all starters)

2. Konoba Bako in Komiža (monkfish broth, komiška pogača)

3. Konoba Roki’s in Plisko Polje (all pekas, all wines of their own production)

4. Konoba Stončica at the beach of Stončica Bay (sardines on spit, grilled veggies)

5. Slow Food at Senko’s in Mala Travna Bay (whatever Senko is inspired to cook on that particular day)

6. Konoba & Bar Lola in Vis town (irresistible tapas Vis style)

7. Pizzeria Karijola in Vis town (best pizza on the island and beyond)





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